Googly dollars

I’ma gonna sit right back ‘n’ wait fer them thar googly dollars t’come a-rollin’ in, yessir!

For those regular visitors out there, you may have been getting alarmed by the encroaching commercialism of this blog. Fear not. I suffer from layout agoraphobia – I get nervous with too much empty space around, which is why I’ve been trying to fill it with as much flashing, clickable code as I can manage to copy and paste into the right place in the template.

Now I’m getting nervous about the kinds of ads that are appearing. “Earthquake relief to Iran”? Why me? How do those googlers know I’m a soft touch for liberal causes? Now I’m getting hooked on constantly refreshing the page to see what new ads come up. What kind of person do they think I am?!

Wait a minute. If I click on the ads on my own blog, do I get paid? “click” “click” “click” “click” “click” “click”

Pack your bags, baby, we’re going to … Palau!