A wall of vinyl

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Uh, what about my ’78s? (see Not the Nine O’clock News sketch) I don’t actually have any ’78s, although I do have a 10″ Motorhead ep, along with 700 lps. I got tired of not being able to find an album in the middle of a conversation (“If you like that, I’ve got the original 12″ version here … somewhere.”). I’ve dragged them from country to country so I know what 700 lps looks like when not stacked neatly. Still, I felt pretty daunted when I started stacking them into alphabetical piles. I skipped all the existential wrangling about ordering them (by genre, solo female Brazilian artist, etc.) and went for straight alphabetical. It was quite impressive how the classifying sometimes had to go to the fourth letter in the name.

They look verrry neat all lined up the whole length of the wall. Pity the towering stacks of CDs on the floor block the view.