The telephone never rings twice

Just got my own telephone in my office. This is a mixed portent since it may mean I’m going to be sharing this space even longer. “My” office is still vacant down the hall, but it seems the administrative logistics involved in getting me in there are too daunting to deal with at present. (“I’ve just drowning under work right now” is our section slogan.) The plus side is that I don’t have to stretch across to R’s desk and dial in a prone position.

No one has my number, of course, and that’s the way I’d keep it if I had any choice. Nevertheless, since it’s been installed it’s been ringing every ten minutes. Get this: one ring each time and the line’s dead before I pick up. My first crank caller, how sweet. Actually the last two times it’s rung twice. I think they’re trying to psyche me out. Probably spying on me from across the way, waiting till I make a move to pick up. How am I supposed to do any blogging, er work, under these conditions?!

[16:30 update] Seems I’m sharing a line with one of the director’s secretaries. Dang she’s fast – picks up first ring almost every time. Bet she practises. I haven’t yet tried to outdraw her. If I did then I’d have to bluff my way through a query about the latest gizzard production quotas from Tajikistan. (“They’re up! Up! Up!”)

It works both ways, of course. When I try to call maintenance, my screen flashes GRP CALL LINE BUSY. Meaning gizzard gossip. I got through on the third try. Maintenance man sighed wearily, just back from a heavy lunch, bit late in the day to start on it now, will try to come by tomorrow.

BTW, taking my phone off the hook makes no difference; it still rings but I can’t stop it by hanging up. Final proof of deliberate sadism is that I can’t adjust the ring volume. Ha!