Whoring’s too good for you

With the huge rush of interest in automatic blog referrals, I’ve seen lots of comments about becoming addicted to BlogExplosion, BlogClicker & Co. And I have to admit I got sucked in too. But I rarely do more than glance at each blog, just get on with something else while waiting to move on to the next site. The same thing happens with my “visitors”, judging from the stats. I feel a bit of an idiot, waiting to click the fish, hat or car, as if we’re actually being used as part of a global psychology experiment. I’m sure there are other test groups made up of rats, pigeons and monkeys. They get a peanut each time they wait and click the right image – I get a “mystery prize” of five more credits. Who’s the smart one?

Another comment that’s doing the rounds is, “I’m such a blog whore!” That’s giving whoring a bad name. At least there there’s more discrimination on each side. But maybe I’m wrong…

4 thoughts on “Whoring’s too good for you”

  1. I guess this make me a ‘comment whore’ then?

    I think maybe it’s a good thing that we’re all visiting each other from time to time. Even if you don’t stay for long at each blog.
    The traffic makes me feel part of a much larger community. Although God knows I have enough in my life at the moment without taking anything else on! And finding people have come through my blog does make me feel good. Not because I write for anyone else or that I think anybody reads or cares about what I say, but because I know some have probably taken the time to have a look at the pics or leave a message saying hi.

    Maybe I’m just being naive ..

  2. Of course! How else would I know there’s a problem? What browser do you use? Try adjusting the text size (CTRL+mouse wheel).

    Let me know if it helps.

  3. Ria,

    You are so right. So very right. But the thing I’ve noticed is, after a time the same people will come back again and again to visit your blog, and it can become like a little community. I think it takes a lot of time and nurturing, however, and for myself I can’t really take the time, nor am I’m prolific enough, to really get it up and running.

    Thanks for swinging by “notes”, though, and I’m really looking forward to reading you more.

    Just one thing, though? The graffic on the left-hand side makes it really hard to read your posts. Which is frustrating, because they look intriguing. Hope it’s okay to mention it…?

  4. You’re right to take the positive position, I guess. I think the thing that struck me most after signing up at BE and BClicker was the amount of dross floating around. It’s like listening to my neighbours discussing new tiles for the bathroom, except there are 8 million people in the discussion. [sigh]

    Roll on the weekend.

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