Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom

Shirley Conran’s epigraph to Superwoman is as true today as it was 30 years ago. Here’s the high and low points of my day.

Woken by small boy. Freddo, mama. I’m bibbering. Stripped him off and showered him down. Stripped bed and loaded wash #1. Dressed both kids. Made their breakfast. Made their school lunch. Brought tea to Mr B. Hung up wash #1. Put in wash #2. Saw kids and Mr B off to school. Take out wash #2. Set wash #3 on timer.
Go to bank. Queue for 20 minutes at the “rush counter” (sic). Withdraw 800 Euros.
Go to post office. Queue for 30 minutes. Pay utility bills totalling 799 Euros. “Result happiness”, said Mr Micawber.
Pick up kids. Shiver in playground then go home.
Cook, put away washes #1 and #2, hang up wash #3, have dinner, bathe kids, put kids to bed, clean kitchen, empty and reload dishwasher.
Set up wireless home network with no manual.
To bed, having reconfigured both desktop and laptop to the point where neither computer will acknowledge the other nor connect to the Internet.
Toss and turn, tormented by dreams of being automatically assigned a stable IP address in my neighbourhood network but being chased by an ad hoc set up with a default SSID.

I’d rather stuff a mushroom…

2 thoughts on “Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom”

  1. 1. Bathe
    2. Change vacuum cleaner bag
    3. Do hair
    4. Take car for oil change
    5. Talk to pediatrician
    6. Put “pick nose” on tomorrow’s to do list

    Just kidding … sort of


    blimey that sounds familiar…. do you get time to bathe/do hair/talk to friends/pick nose?

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