Rain at last

At midnight there was a single low growl of thunder and the rain began to fall, absorbing the cloud of pollution that’s been hanging over Rome for the past ten days. It also reduced the incredibly high level of static electricity in the air. Every time we got out of the car recently, our hair was standing on end as if we’d been clasping a van der Graaf generator.

The down side is that rain in Rome is as bad for traffic as snow is in London or Paris. Crosstown traffic slows to gridlock because people act as if they’re driving in a completely different environment. This is particularly true in Italy where people treat their cars like their shoes, swinging out into oncoming traffic just to avoid a puddle by the roadside.

2 thoughts on “Rain at last”

  1. Do you know why Italians avoid puddles when driving?

    That’s because Italian cars, from Fiat Cinquecenti to the best Ferrari used to rust if you so much as breathed on them.

    Used to have a Coupé Bertone from Alfa Romeo from the late 60s, and it was a constant battle…

    When I grew up in Massachussets, and our cars plowed thru salt slush half the year, we never even thought about it.

    Not that the cars didn’t rust, mind you… but less, and perhaps we didn’t care as much as we would have if they’d been Lamborghini?

  2. That’s for sure. I drive a 12-year-old Nissan sunny estate (station wagon) so I really couldn’t care less about rust or scratches. Amazingly there is hardly any of either. Ugly cars wear better maybe.

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