New word ©

I read a blog a few days ago where a mother was astounded by the reality of her baby growing up . She had signed her daughter up for nursery or gym class (I don’t remember exactly) to start when she was nine months old. “I can’t believe she will ever be nine months”, the mother wailed. Oh yeah, been there…

… which reminded me of a neologism I coined five years ago when my daughter was a baby: pregret. My definition is the feeling of anticipated nostalgia in the future. E.g. Parent to baby, “I’m going to miss how you were when you were a baby.”

I’ve submitted it to Langmaker and hope to hear it in use before the end of the month.

How about you? Is there anything you pregret?

3 thoughts on “New word ©”

  1. Excellent! I was beginning to think it wasn’t a very useful word.

    Your example’s good. When I think of my grandparents (all dead) I realize how little I knew about them – just fragments of ninety years of experience. “Every time someone dies, a library burns to the ground.”

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