Is he strong? Listen, bud …

animated spidermanThere was a carnival parade at school this morning and Spidermanâ„¢ was by far the most popular character there. Among the Italian kids, there were a few Zorros and the hipper British and American kids were Incredibles. The girls of course were princesses or fairies, except for one Spidermanâ„¢girl and a single mermaid wearing an old curtain stitched up by her alternativeâ„¢ parents. The air really was electric as they marched round the atrium wearing 100% polyester and polyamide. I almost expected to see sparks fly as they pushed past each other.

3 thoughts on “Is he strong? Listen, bud …”

  1. SED? Google gives “serious emotional disorder” or “smoke-emitting diode” – either way I feel concerned as a parent.

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