Mea culpa (heehee)

This morning I was trying to manoeuvre out of my parking spot. I backed up and immediately nudged the car behind. Oops never mind. So I clenched my jaw and strained to get full lock without power steering and edged forward. Ker-bump. The car behind had rear-ended me. I aimed my hardest Paddington hard stare at my aggressor only to realize that the car was empty. Gingerly I reversed back, nudging the little silver Micra back a few feet, then edged out into the stream of rush hour traffic. And to my astonishment, the Micra rolled up behind me! I accelerated slightly and let another car get in between us. The traffic was moving slowly and on the uneven cobbles, the runaway car didn’t gain much momentum. I followed it in my rear-view mirror, unable to contain my laughter and yet also feeling I was somehow at fault. Still it seemed so comical, like a silent movie with Buster Keaton. Instead of heading right to school, I went round the Piramide one more time just to catch a further glimpse of the runaway car’s progress. It had rolled almost two hundred metres and had come to a stop in the middle of a three-way junction. A line of cars was forming behind it and I could see the occupants beginning to gesticulate their fury. Too bad I couldn’t see their faces when they tried to remonstrate with the absent Micra driver.

Made my day.

Piramide Roma
The car rolled from the tree-lined boulevard at the top (north), southwest to where the top of the pyramid is.

12 thoughts on “Mea culpa (heehee)”

  1. A Nissan Micra is a small car driven by even smaller Italian women who would bite your knees if they could – the traffic in Rome makes them very tense.

    Paddington Bear was created by Michael Bond. He has no ninja moves but can cause grown men to break down into snivelling wrecks with his “hard stare”. I’ve tried it. It works.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Stepped out this morning looking for a certain something (not from within me) to make my day. Little did I know that you’d provide just the touch of humor that my spirit needed, online!

  3. More guilt? There was no one in the car, I swear! There was a 4-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl in MY car, for what it’s worth.

  4. Oh my, I LOVE this post and the incident that caused it. Now, much like SC&A I will embellish it slightly and tell it at the next dinner or cocktail party. Of course you will be “my dear friend Ria” and I shall show them how you do you infamous Paddington Bear stare.

  5. The sheer beauty is in the size.

    We lose pocket change, papers and all sorts of stuff, to gravity and the winds.

    A car, well, that is simply magnificent irony, on many levels. Now, off to retell the story- embellished, of course.

  6. This was so funny I laughed out loud for quite a bit. A rare occurrance these days (just as a reference point!). Ria, you really have great humour in your writing.

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