Motorcyclist against a pole, torn to pieces body

When I arrived at work on Friday, many people were complaining about the traffic being backed up all around Cristoforo Colombo, the main expressway into the southern part of Rome. For a fraction of a second I thought that maybe it was my fault, that the runaway car had caused a fatal accident, but then it would have had to have rolled up a 50-metre off-ramp onto Cristoforo Colombo. Phew. Not MY fault then.

I checked the news for the incident, but despite the gruesomeness of the reporting, it is too much of a recurrent event here in Rome for it to have made more than one online report. I used an automatic translation to preserve the “lacerated” tone of the report.

Motorcyclist against a pole, torn to pieces body
The impact has been therefore devastating that has quite torn to pieces the body of Giuseppe Z., 33 years, after the crash against the pole. The motion of Giuseppe, for causes still to assess, is escaped to its control and is ended against a pole of the light. The body of leading has been bounced and torn to pieces from the collision […] Also for the difficulty of the reliefs and the complexity of the removal of the corpse the traffic is remained blocked until to the 10 in all the zone between Marconi tree-lined avenue.

I confess I was still relieved to see no mention of a silver Nissan Micra.

3 thoughts on “Motorcyclist against a pole, torn to pieces body”

  1. Although this happening is NOT amusing it does remind me of how I will amusingly read a local news story or event and wonder if somehow I was involved in some small way. Ego? Perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as strong empathy. Yes, that is it. That is exactly how I shall look at it.

  2. I think everyone really needs to spend twenty grand on a Harley or equivalent. People may just slow down? There was a very similar accident here on the same day.
    I knew it wasn’t me as we were stuck in the traffic jam that ensued. However, it was my one of my kids I was sure must have been the culprit behind said traffic jam. I waslked in the door and called all of them. Nothing like a major traffic jam to keep families in touch??
    Oh.. yeah, Michele sent me but I just came further down.

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