Love rules without rules

Italy! Land of creative design! Land of lurv!

Here’s a card produced by Cecami, a renowned card company in Milan. I first thought it was a scissors-and-paste job by an eight-year-old girl for her parents, but no, it was a professionally made, commercially sold card. Can you imagine who would have bought it?

Ti aaammmo!

Well, as they say in Italy, “A woman who loves to be at the window is like a bunch of grapes on the wayside”.

I have no idea what that means.

10 thoughts on “Love rules without rules”

  1. I would imagine that saying means something like this: the woman in the window is ready for the taking – as are grapes by the wayside. Now whether either of them is ripe remains to be seen.

  2. that woman is cute. i won’t ask anyone while eating; be she sour or sweet.

    that card will suit a toothpaste commercial. Cecami might be having sponsorship tie-up with Gillete-PNG.

  3. well, I LOVE that card… it is very tastefully done.

    (michele, I think your step father is quoting from one of Aesop’s fables? I’m sure there was one about the sour grapes….)

  4. When you do discover someone who knows what it means please also ask what “the fox said the grapes were sour,” means. My Italian step-father says it all the time. I would ask him, but I fear he does not know what it means either.

  5. You’re right, Vit. I found a nice Russian summary of the fable:

    “Hungry Fox was trying to reach grape and failed. (There was too high). “I fancy it’s too green” Fox sad and walked away.”

    War & Peace in four words:
    “It’s about Russia”.

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