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From today’s Metro paper

She hasn’t eaten for 24 hours since her beloved dog, “Ribbon”, disappeared in front of Manin school in Esquilino. Bereft of hope, the mother of the 5-year-old bimba has offered a 500 euro reward for finding the dog.

Mother locked up by grown son
After the umpteenth argument in months, a Spinaceto man locked his 75-year-old mother in her bedroom. She managed to escape out the window and got help. The Carabinieri arrested her 45-year-old son, who had destroyed walls and furniture in the apartment.

As the man was dragged away in cuffs, I heard him sob, “I know she sold my dog … Ribbon, where are yoouu?

5 thoughts on “News in brief”

  1. Lol. My parents live next to the most unpredictable bus line in the city (40 minutes or 0.5 seconds between buses)

  2. Oh yeah, gotta love metro’s little big news tidbits. BTW, how do you like the new buses? (with the screens)

  3. with the screams? Oh, sorry …

    Interestingly the horoscopes on the screens are more accurate than the time given for the next bus.

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