4 mega bint – working group

Below is a summary of the main points raised at the abovementioned meeting.

P. Collina (Chair)
E. Corini
G. Buffon
C. Vieri
F. Totti
M. D’Agata (rapporteur)

1. Regarding reactions and results of the recent Telecom Italia campaign, Mr Collina reported that sales of cable had experienced a positive boost but that actual new subscriptions to Telecom’s Internet service had been disappointing. The Chair stressed that future copy should be more on-message but with out-of-the-box thinking.

2. Mr Buffon noted that Libero had requested a new novel and innovative proposal for its 4 megabit flat-rate ADSL service.

3. Mr Corini suggested 10-foot-high blocks spelling out “4 mega”. It was noted that one couldn’t get much more bloody on-message than that.

4. Mr Vieri proposed that a tall, bleached-blond model in a skimpy silver-lamé dress and stilettos, her hand casually pulling up the skirt

5. The working group applauded and adjourned for lunch.

6. Mr Totti added a pear.

Pear-shaped (detail)


3 thoughts on “4 mega bint – working group”

  1. I may go for the backhand reference to Magritte – although he seemed to be into apples more than pears. Small point.

    As for Satie, alas, I do not know enough of him to see how he would fit into the picture.

    But I would dispute coolly ironic post-modern inter-textual self-referentiality, on the grounds that such things would appear to be beyond the intellects of those developing ads showing short skirted babes. I could be wrong….

    Maybe the pair is simply a phallic device, designed to reinforce the blatent sexual imagery?

  2. I thought it might be a sly nod to Magritte or Erik Satie, some coolly ironic post-modern inter-textual self-referentiality.

    It’s troubling me, Alex, really it is.

  3. Yes, this is a pretty typical Italian advert. They are all at it: Vodafone/ex Omnitel has Megan Gale, TIM has a regular bombshell (Don’t know her name – seems to be from Eastern Europe from her accent) Wind has its featured beauty. I could go on, and on, and….

    But the pear? What the ____ has a pear got to do with ADSL?

    Could the pear be a pun on the verb ‘fruttare’? Ho. Ho.

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