Soft bottom trawling

Editing technical documents occasionally (very occasionally) produces some chuckles, especially if you have a sense of humour in arrested development:

Instrumentation for bottom characterization
Grabs and cores provide quantitative samples, but are not suitable for patchy distributed fauna of low abundance. Cameras are the only sampling method used on rough bottoms.

Section 3 promises an exposure of

Otter trawling on hard bottom habitats with erect structures

Can’t wait for the search engines to pick up on that one.

Coco de mer nut

3 thoughts on “Soft bottom trawling”

  1. Fnar fnar fnar! I used to do medical editing and that, ahem, threw up some good funnies. ‘Anti-natal classes’ was one of my favourites, as was ‘the left hemisphere of the brian’ – for some reason that particular transposition made me laugh every time.

  2. My god – it sounds like those random collections of words that people use to fill text space before the copy’s written. And that’s a mental image of otters I didn’t want.

  3. Stopping by to say hello, it has been much too long. Shame on me.

    Very amusing post I actually thought while reading it that you will get very interesting Google searches on this post. It is nice to know that great minds and all that…

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