At the lake

“Is it summer today?”
“Can we go swimming today?”
“I want to go to the beach!”

Until last weekend, our kids had had to make do with hosing each other down on the balcony when they got too hot. But there was no denying it last week that summer was finally here.

And when Rome gets hot, Romans go to the beach. All three million of them. At the same time. On the same road. Need I say more?

When we first visited Italy three years ago, we stayed by chance at Lake Bracciano, an hour’s drive north of Rome. Since then it has become our favourite summer destination. It’s never busy. The water is clean (it supplies drinking water to Rome). There are no motor boats allowed on the water, so it’s always very quiet. The surrounding countryside is stunningly beautiful. There is also one of my favourite restaurants just by the beach, La Vela, which serves fresh fish from the lake and seafood from the coast, 30 minutes away.

Our kids play in the water the whole day.

This will give you some idea of what I’m talking about – Lake Bracciano panorama

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