Yes we have no buses

As Roman Wanderer mentioned recently, Rome’s public transport network has shot trundled into the 21st century with its new electronic bus-stops that give you second-by-second updated timetables, aided by GPS satellite tracking.
Yes, we have no buses
Example: Today strike. Next bus in 7.5 hours.

I caught this scab in flagrante delicto. Note the apposite name for the Rome public transport authority: ATAC.
Guess the ad
What caught my attention more was the ad on the back of the bus. It’s pretty … revealing.

I’ve masked the name of the product, but see if you can guess what it is for.

10 thoughts on “Yes we have no buses”

  1. !!!We have a winner!!!

    I left the text “usa e getta” as a clue (use and throw away), also as an ironic macho reference about women.

    I wonder how the bus mechanic feels when he grabs the handle to reach the engine.

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