Seven million in movement

Today is a national holiday in Italy. The streets are empty and offices and shops are closed. Peace reigns in the city.

Except in my street, which is full of soldiers in ceremonial dress.
Except in my office, which is business as usual.
Except there are two helicopters circling overhead, filming the military parade, which is coordinated by a man with big feathers in his helmet and screaming into an even bigger megaphone.

On the other hand, I could be stuck in monster traffic jams as seven million Italians hit the roads, making a holiday “bridge” from today over to the weekend. According to reports, one million of the holidaymakers are mothers and children leaving on a holiday that could last all summer!

Giscard should have put that in the European Constitution and no one would be crying now.

7 milioni Italiani in movimento
«Les Français voteront oui» (Giscard d’Estaing)
EU Rejects Constitution, Constitution Rejects Europe (satire)

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  1. I feel like I should have been more up to speed on the potential Constitution, but alas, the detachment which comes from living in the US is extremely pervasive.

    I have just found your blog after rediscovering the blogging rings I put onto my site aaaages ago, and I’m pleased I did! I really, really like your tagline. It is fabulous.

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