I used to think the lyric from Massive Attack’s Karmacoma was

D’ye make it in Roma?

That seemed right when we were planning on moving to Rome three years ago.

Looking at online lyrics doesn’t clear up the confusion, e.g.

Jamaica an’ Roma

Given Tricky’s trippy texts, I’d go for

Jamaican aroma

However, since Mr B’s been offered jobs both here and in Kingston, the lyric in my head is

Jamaica or Roma?
Jamaica or Roma?

Input appreciated …

2 thoughts on “Karmacoma”

  1. I always thought it was D’ye make it in Roma? too.

    OOh – choices! What sort of work could you do in Jamaica?

    Nice side pic by the way.

  2. Work in Jamaica? I don’t know much about the possibilities, to be honest. I’ll still be able to work as a freelance editor via the super interweb highway, I guess.

    Mind you, saw a citrus farm for sale. It even has its own piggery.

    I put the photo in the sidebar cos it was too tall for anywhere else. I took it at Villa Borghese park two weekends ago.

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