Girl-on-girl housework

There’s an ad campaign in Italy at the moment for endermology treatment that looks as if you iron away your cellulite.

I like the picture because I can imagine it embodies a doubly erotic fantasy for many men.
Girl-on-girl housework
I love the levitating table, but close up, the endermologicky machine looks scary.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Exterminate! Exterminate!

9 thoughts on “Girl-on-girl housework”

  1. But you have such flawless skin, Zinnia, your pores! And you’re so cellulite-free and perky. The figure of of (help me here)

    ach, lost it

  2. Eek! Scary and alien! As are beauty salons in general, to me anyway, as I’m one of the scruffiest and least glamorous people I know (hope I’m not shattering any illusions here!!).

  3. eh?? Junoesque is more like it!! But hey, of course, this is cyberspace… so, let’s think waist-length blonde hair, green eyes, skin/cellulite/perkiness exactly as you describe, abs flat as a dinner table, all muscles toned to perfection, tallish, long legs… ah, the dreams, the dreams!

  4. I am so glad I decided to post about my screen name and let people know I am not Japanese; not that it matters a whole lot, but you might picture me differently now!

  5. I have always wondered if Endermologie is a scam or if it really helps. Sure looks like something out of aliens’ minds, to me.

  6. I just realized I didn’t answer your question this a.m. Yes, my childhood memories are somewhat more acute now, while more recent happenings are forgotten! I do find that thinking about them before I post brings back more detail than I realized I remembered. Every time I read someone else’s memories, it reminds me of things I had forgotten (or thought I had).

    When I go back home for school reunions, however, people tell about things that happened in school and I have no memory of them at all.It is odd.

  7. Ria, thank you so much for offering to help with photos. As soon as I have time to go through the box of old ones and find the ones I want, I may take you up on it. A few other people have also offered; my problem is that being so very computer illiterate, I don’t know most of the terminology – and I am useless at finding files, etc.

    I suppose I need to hire a “geek” to help teach me all this important stuff!

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