With all the will in the world

Death is stalking me.

Out for a Sunday morning stroll in March and a marathon runner keels over in front of me.

Last Sunday I’d just slathered the kids with factor 40 when a helicopter drops out of the sky and lands on the beach.


Sand in the suncream

Where's David Hasselhoff?A 47-year-old man had had a heart attack. A doctor and two nurses who were also on the beach immediately attended to him, but he died 30 minutes later. The story made the news (in Italian) because of the late arrival of the ambulance. The events are pretty inconsistent, however, for example, a number of tourists complained to the police that the ambulance took almost an hour to arrive, while another report claimed the ambulance was only called 40 minutes after the man had collapsed (after he was dead?) and that the beach road was blocked by tourist traffic. That would certainly explain the dramatic arrival of the helicopter and police patrol boat. Hundreds of people sprinted along the beach to gawp. Ghouls or just Baywatch fans?

6 thoughts on “With all the will in the world”

  1. can you also confirm that someone who looks a lot like Mr B, also known as ‘estee’ will be walking on that beach pretty soon????

    liked reading your stuff…..


  2. Ria Bacon, I heard that there was an extremely nice set of Dutch grandparents on that beach as well.
    Can you confirm this rumour?

  3. Riet Spek will neither confirm nor deny the aforementioned comments, but looks forward to seeing schoon zus #3 very soon …

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