Back in black

I been too long
I’m glad to be back

The hiatus was due to a sudden and heavy load of work right at the end of my contract. Even though my contract is not being renewed, as a good girl guide, I felt duty-bound to go the extra mile and give it all I got had – which in the end turned out not to be very much anyway. I went through my final three articles, checking the proofreader’s comments, accepting anything minor without reading and erasing anything more taxing, such as the many frustrated queries of Is it Lempira or Lempira Sur Department? or Why second-level bullets?? or meaning???

You’d’ve done the same, right?

Now I’m no longer employed in-house, I can remove the antidooce disclaimer in the sidebar. I sure felt protected by its presence as I worked for hours and hours on blogging on company time and on company computers. So sue me, nyah-nyah-nya-nyaa-nyaa!

Ahem …

Once freed from the shackles of my work, Mr B and I spontaneously decided we needed a holiday and took off two days later with the kids to the other side of Italy for a ten-day break. Ahhh … I won’t bore you or make you jealous, suffice it to say that it was bloody fantastic and utterly excellent in almost every way.

Back in hot and dirty Rome, we’re making the most of our free time and having more utterly fantastic and bloody excellent times, one of which was the concert by Amadou and Mariam at Villa Ada on Tuesday night. They played almost exclusively songs from their latest album, which made for great dancing, but was a slight disappointment for fans of their earlier stuff, such as Pauvre type or Je pense à toi. We played their songs at our wedding ceremony *sniff*

Amadou et Mariam

I videoed some of the best bits of the concert, holding the camcorder above the leaping crowd until my arm got too tired and the picture started wobbling.

Never mind. It’ll all come out in the editing …

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