Yackety yak

Honey, can youse take out the trash?

Yackety yak

I even sorted my crap: plastic with plastic, paper with paper, oozing sticky fluids with noxious defrosting fish.

Three carloads up and down the drive and it was done.

A little bit of Al Green, then I’m done too.

3 thoughts on “Yackety yak”

  1. Whoa… from Rome to the Netherlands and then Jamaica! How great would that be?! BTW, your son has great taste in home decor and I’ll take the inflatables from your yard sale.

  2. Thanks, Alex.

    2.5 months in the Netherlands, then off to funky Kingston.

    Our son (aged 4.5) has designed our house according to our instructions – double hammock, wide patio with fridge and WiFi.

    Ahhh …

  3. Bye Ria. Don’t let the moving get you down too much – which is not easy, I know.
    Are you heading for Paris? And will you be blogging from there?

    Take care and take it easy (after the move!)

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