Ciao Roma ciao!

Una mattina, mi sono alzato
O Roma ciao Roma ciao Roma ciao ciao ciao
Una mattina mi sono alzato
e ho trovato l’invasor

I passed out around midnight and was only woken at eight by the movers banging on the door and the loud crashes of thunder.

I flung open the shutters and was knocked back by the force of the wind and the wave upon wave of torrential rain!

Sod’s Law, of course. Not a drop for months, blistering heat while packing, then a storm on the morning we ship out.


Still not sure if I’m going today (see below), or which organization is paying for the shipping. If any.

Details, details.

If I do get out of here by 2 pm, then I’ll try to reach my cousin in Switzerland and stopover with her tonight. Otherwise …

I may be some time.

2 thoughts on “Ciao Roma ciao!”

  1. Unlucky!! We need rain here in Oz..there’s a masive draught although when we do get rain it appears to fall in all the wrong areas, flood and destroy and the govt still wants to charge us more for water..hmm sounds like Italy as I remember it!
    Any last photos of Roma for those of us far away and wishing we could be there :)

  2. got me thinkin bout that huh?..catch me in my profile.. gimme some smart kick-ass comments sweetie!..

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