Please please me

Saintly requests

This statue is in Santa Maria in Trastevere. The hundreds of slips of paper are requests for saintly intervention. Note how the more enterprising supplicants avoided getting their requests lost in the mess at his feet and stuck Post-its on his cassock.

Although I forgot to note the name of the saint, it is almost certainly Saint Anthony. Apparently he is the Patron Saint of Finance and can help you sell your house quickly. You should bury a small statue of him upside down facing your house.

I’m serious! People believe this stuff to work. Before I lived in Rome, I never knew Catholicism was such a fun religion. I mean I only knew the kind of Irish Catholicism of repression and misery (I think the rain had a lot to do with it). The real Roman version is so much more freaky fun. The things they come up with … you’d think they were …
a) crazy
b) on acid
c) completely out of touch with reality.

Back to my photo. I like how it’s slightly over exposed so that the candles at his feet threaten to turn it into an auto de fe.

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  1. Well, that is certainly nothing to be cheerful about! followed all you links, uuh. Very frightening stuff.

  2. I love what Zinnia said!

    And following the link: How nice of them to strangle a penitent before burning him to death. Really thoughtful.

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