We zijn d’r bijna, we zijn d’r bijna

Maar nog niet helemaal!

Altogether now …

It’s a Dutch thing.

The clock’s ticking, in three days we’ll be flying off to Funky Kingston.

Oh, but we haven’t got any tickets.

It was hard enough getting a booking through the office in Jamaica. Frantic emails shot across the Atlantic:

“A BA traveller class counts as an economy seat!”
“You want us to do a stopover in New York? We have to go from JFK to Newark in the middle of the night?!”
“My sista can get you seats in the bulkhead if you fly Air Jamaica.”

Guess who we’re flying with.

The time in the Netherlands has gone very fast. The weather has been uncannily glorious, with hot, sunny days and cerulean autumn skies.

Candyfloss sunset

One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t attend the major social event of the season.

Potato 2005

The slogan for this year’s conference was “Continuing the success of Potato 2000“.

I have a proposal for the slogan in 2010. It needs a little more research, which will be reflected in my fee …

I’ve drafted a stack of insightful and witty posts over the last weeks, but what with one thing and another and another and another, did I mention I was outside IKEA when they opened the doors this morning. So you’ll forgive me, I’m sure, if I’ve been a tad tardy. Just be patient and check in again soon once I’m settled in Jamaica. I will even satisfy the request for more great b&w photos from Italy. Soon come!

Tot ziens, amigos!

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