Kingston contrasts

The secret of a good joke is incongruity, the familiar placed in an unfamiliar setting, either with sharp contrast or through the shock of the unexpected. Likewise, many of my favourite photos are centred on the incongruous, usually when something piques my warped sense of humour (see an extreme example here).

In a country like Jamaica, where the contrasts between the haves and have-nots are so strong, there are often great opportunities at spotting incongruities.

The first picture is of the same bar as in the previous post. The billboard image and text contrast strongly with the realities of business at street level.

Kingston contrast

And in contrast to the appalling daily reports of shootings and killings, I came across this silent study group in a hotel coffee shop.

The laptop cabal

I particularly liked the contrast between the faces in the painting and in the flesh.

The laptop cabal - detail

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