Big up yu batty, gyal!

Young Jamaican women (gyals) are obsessed with flaunting their butts (batty). For the budding dancehall queen, a pair of batty riders, tight lycra hot pants, are de rigueur. For the shameless, there are the even tighter punny or pussy printers.

Fortunately, the shop store mannequins are built to match batty gyal aspirations.

perty perty batty gyals

Beyond this point, any research into mannequins soon becomes decidedly creepy.

P.S. While batty and gyal go together well, don’t ever call a man a batty bwoy. Verrry touchy subject. Ask Buju Banton.

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  1. I don’t know what’s more hilarious over on the Mannequin Madness site… the bestsellers, the new products or the testimonial from the cowboys and Indians. Wonderful.

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