First I look at the purse

“Raucous” is the word that seems most often associated with The Contours, their reputation sealed with boss Berry Gordy’s description of them as “hoodlums”. When these Motown bad boys hit the road, the word went out: lock up your daughters and hide your gin.

This is not only a great hipswaying handclapping dance number, Smokey Robinson’s hilarious lyrics probably say more about men than some of Motown’s more syrupy hits of the period.

Favourite lines:
Why waste time looking at the waistline?
I don’t care if she’s got a rash, long as she got some cash.

Today’s photo was not originally a comment on the song, more an ironic twist on my previous post about the “hierarchy of shade”.

The hierarchy of shade

The school children also stand on the bus-stop bench when it rains hard, sometimes so hard that the road becomes a fast flowing river bursting the kerb banks.

On reflection, I kept the speeding car in the picture – after all, the rich kids in their Rav4 don’t need to wait for the #49 bus.

If the purse is fat….that’s where it’s at.