What I say and what you hear

Today, my five-year-old informed me, his class is having cake for a dead person.

What could he be talking about?

His teachers had explained a lot more about the who and why, but after having celebrated Thanksgiving, Diwali, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Loi Krathong, Las Posadas, Sinter Klaas and Christmas … I imagine the kids were reduced to focusing on what they considered important.

What I say: Look at this mess! Don’t think you’re getting any ice cream! And candy? Forget about it! No more candy!
What he hears: Blah blah blah ICE CREAM! CANDY? Blah blah MORE CANDY!

And the best part will be when he gets angry later because he didn’t get the ice cream and candy I had promised.

4 thoughts on “What I say and what you hear”

  1. all children, like many men, are born with very selective hearing. I have three specimens in my house.

    I was a little worried about the dead person cake. glad you cleared that up.

  2. I enjoyed this post…I can almost envision your 5 year old responding to the words candy and ice cream and not hearing the rest…. he is such a snoepkont……


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