CSS my house

I’ve got paint roller blisters after another marathon session repainting the stairwell. Ours is a new house and we are the first occupants. The builders painted all the inside walls matt white. Then some dufus came along and did some touch ups using gloss white, which shone its smeary brilliance from ceiling to floor.

After a couple of false starts, which included firing the painters, we were happy with our new colour scheme throughout the house, except for the stairwell. The paint was called Tangelo but when it dried it looked like over ripe pumpkin.

Now after two coats of white primer and two coats of Whisper Gold, it looks bloody fantastic and will give my heart a lift each time I go up and down the stairs. Even when it’s the hundredth time in the hour before bedtime to get the nose drops, doll, frog, mosquito repellent tab things, the list goes on.

While painting, hour after hour under the scorching sun, my mind set to wondering about the final colour scheme for this blog, and that led to wondering about how much more fun it would be to do interior design by CSS.

stairwell sunset

On second thoughts, maybe I should stick with the paint roller.

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