News in brief

Alleged cattle rustlers in ‘St Bess’
Reports are that the Black River police were patrolling along Crane road […] when they saw a black and grey Nissan Vanette minibus […] with two men onboard. The bus was searched and a cow with branded initials A.L. and A.M. was found. When the men were questioned by the police, they were said to have been unable to give a satisfactory account as to how the cow got there.
Weekend Star, 27 January 2006

Cop caught!
A police corporal […] was yesterday arrested during a sting operation by cops from the Professional Standards Branch. […] According to an eyewitness, at approximately 6:00 pm the corporal was accepting money from [a] taxi operator when several officers swooped down on him. The corporal was then restrained by having his motorbike placed on top of him, until an unmarked police car came and took him away.
Daily Observer, 27 January 2006