‘Obeah dust’ causes chaos at police station

A woman constable attached to the Half-Way-Tree Police Station had to seek medical attention last week after she came in contact with a strange powdery substance sprinkled on the court compound. […] Security personnel at the courthouse told Xtra News that on a daily basis they remove strange items from persons seeking to enter the building.

Recently a bottle with a strange oil marked ‘Oil of Clearance’ was taken from a woman seeking to enter the building. Another bottle marked ‘Oil of Molest Me Not’ was also found in nearby bushes in the courtyard.

Security personnel claim that persons, who have relatives charged before the court, carry the strange potions with the hope that the ‘obeah oil’ will get their relatives released.
Xtra News, 1-6 Feb. 2006

That got me thinking about all the kinds of obeah oil I would like to have: Oil of Amazon Wishlist, Salve of Savings Growth, Unguent of Unwanted Hair, Pomade of Perfect Relations …

What about you?

3 thoughts on “‘Obeah dust’ causes chaos at police station”

  1. LOL everytime I read about ‘oil’ I remember this Jamaican fella reading his poem, and after every few lines of rant about the oil crisis, etc etc, the chorus was, “Who ah de owner fi de oiiiil?”

    That line will stay stuck in my head forever.

    I want oil o’ publisher hahaha

  2. I’d like Balm of Self Washing Dishes, and some Moth-Away Balsam to keep me from having to sweep the little tiny corpses off the kitchen floor every damn day. It’s moth central round at ours at the moment.

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