King Merc meets higglers uptown

Uptown shopping
Shopping from the comfort of your car in uptown Kingston.

Although the resolution is too low to read here, I’ve changed the licence plate to [BUSHA 2].

For an explanation of the title Busha, read the following extract from Anthony C. Winkler’s hilarious novel, The Lunatic.

The Busha was the richest man in the parish. His land splashed over fields, licked at the belly of the mountain, and rolled down to the coastline. It was a luxuriant land, fed by wild streams and springs, rich with fruit trees and guinea grass pastures. It supported goats, cattle, fruit trees, rats, and praedial thieves.

Busha had inherited this land from his father, his father from his father, and so on down through a succession of twelve fathers stretching back to the earliest days of Jamaica. The very title of “Busha” – a slave corruption of “overseer” – spoke of ancestry, wealth, land, striking the local ear with the same galvanic ring that initials such as ITT, IBM, GM have on Americans.

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  1. Didn’t read the Lunatic, but I saw the movie. It was funny. That little excerpt you published makes the book sound like it was pretty good too…

  2. Ohh yeah …

    Reckon you’d enjoy the little story about the cabinetmaker who dropped dead from pum-pum overdose!

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