Nol in ‘t Bosch

Nol in 't Bosch

One of many photos from BJ, before Jamaica. The stabs of lights on the ground make me think of the Mysterons from the TV show Captain Scarlet. Yes, it was one of the cornier series of the times, with the flying Angels and Scarlet talking like Cary Grant, but still, the spooky voice announcing We. Are. The. Mysterons always impressed me. Portishead managed to salvage some cool from the corn with their track of the same name.

I note that I wrote about Captain Scarlet a little over a year ago. Let’s just leave it as an annual thing, eh?

The photo was taken in the woods surrounding the Nol in ‘t Bosch hotel in the Netherlands. It was a beautiful autumn morning with the sun peaking early, sending bright shafts of light through the dense forest. The ground was strewn with leaves of all shades of the season, brown, yellow, gold. Lining the forest path, 10,000 cobwebs hung heavy with sparkling dewdrops, strung out along the baby conifers like Christmas fairylights.

Such mornings I miss.

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  1. Captain Scarlet was always my favourite as a kid (though I called him Skaptin Dalek when I was very small). There was something about his cold eyes and his indestructibility – here was a hero who showed the burden of the heroism he bore. A couple of years ago I bought the complete boxed set of every episode. There were things that had remained with me – the obvious things, I suppose, like the theme song and the unforgettable “This. Is the voice. Of the Mysterons…” – but I was surprised to find that I had completely forgotten how Captain Scarlet had acquired his indestructibility. And how sparse the world in which he lived was. And just how scary the series really was.

    Beautiful picture, by the way.

  2. Beautiful. If you go up to Newcastle, where the soldiers’ place is, really early in the morning, you can have something similar. Not exactly, but similar.

    psst…I voted for you on the European blog thing…see Zoe’s blog for the site.

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