Vote rustling

Kiss me neck! Me blog is nominated for a Satin Pajama Weblog Award! Go vote Stet!Nominated for
Best Expat Weblog
Most Underappreciated Weblog

It was the blip in the stats that tipped me off. A sudden jump in the late afternoon, Caribbean time. Among the usual google image referrals for girl-on-girl housework and tits ‘n’ bums, kids ‘n’ mums, I spotted the fresh spoor from Ljubljana, Slovenia, referred by A Fistful of Euros. Hmmm. The AFO€ gang must have accepted my suggestion to include Jamaica in a regional category for South-west-west-keep going west till you smell the ‘erb Europe.

Seconds after reading the nomination, I lost my Internet connection for several hours. I can only suspect that the force of six simultaneous visitors bust the elastic bandwidth in Cable & Wireless’ telegraph cable (Morse v.1.0; Marconi priority update c.1936) connecting Jamaica to the rest of the world. Damn C&W – a monopoly left over from days of Empire. I sometimes wondered why they had such a big building in London when they didn’t seem to be active anymore. The fact is that, like imperial companies of yore, they made their money in the colonies and sent it back to London. Until very recently, C&W had a monopoly on telephony in Jamaica and other former UK colonies in the Caribbean. Without competition, C&W grew fat and complacent. The technological innovations, greater customer choice and falling prices in other parts of the world passed Jamaicans by and left them paying top dollah for an aging network and an uncaring service provider. Thankfully, the arrival of a competitor, Digicel (Eire), five years ago has forced C&W to cut its prices by more than 40 per cent! In spite of this, by last year, Digicel had more than double the number of C&W subscribers. Serves C&W right for ripping off poor people.


That’s pretty much how my blog goes.

A spear, a spike, a point, a nail
A drip, a drop, the end of the tale
A truckload of bricks in the soft morning light
The sound of a shot in the dead of the night

A.C. Jobim (Hear here)

It’s not a single issue blog and it’s not about me. I’m a touche-à-tout, a dedicated dilettante, a Jill of all trades and proud of it too.

Up against the likes of Petite anglaise (a one-time colleague at Paris III University) and Zoë in the Best Expat Weblog category, I’m the dark horse, the underdog, the long shot, the rank outsider.

So go forth, roam freely and multiply (my votes). Although, on second thoughts, by my twisted logic, the winner of the Most Underappreciated Weblog should get the fewest votes, thus proving its underappreciatedness. So I’ll feel like I win when I lose. Phew.

While you look around, I’ll be busy with a five-year-old with gastro-enteritis and a lizard who refuses to leave the house. We’re going for a pincer manoeuvre. On the lizard.

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