Peace for one day

Today is Peace Day in Jamaica, an initiative launched a few years ago by an organization going under the banner of Peace and Love in Schools (PALS). Its goal is to promote non-violence in an ultra-violent society. The organization has now changed its name to Peace and Love in Society in an attempt to broaden its reach. During the day, I saw a number of cars, obviously on the school run, with the PALS ribbon flapping from the antenna. Schoolchildren wore it with pride: the boys using it as a kung fu-style bandana; the girls as hair ribbons woven into their braids. But that was it. For most other people, it was largely a non-event.

I asked someone if they were peace and love today.

Yeah man! But is like Christmas, y’na. Is just one day. Tomorra I’m anudder ting.

Peace & Love in Society

4 thoughts on “Peace for one day”

  1. Hoho, great!

    Maybe the same can be said about Women’s Day: But is like Christmas, y’na. Is just one day. Tomorra I’m anudder ting.

  2. MB – No murders, but a policeman was shot up pretty badly, the second in a week. A dog was also shot … by a policeman. The second story got more coverage than the first. Read here (policeman shot) and here (dog shot).

    Said the dog’s mistress, “We nuh rich but mongrel a dead out because a mange an’ we have fi we one weh brown an’ pretty an’ dem shoot him […] mi bathe him wid some carbolic an’ ting but mi not even have money fi buy waan bottle of screw worm medication fi put pon it. Di bullet never touch no bone so him walking.”

    Screw worm medication, he can walk. Hallelujah!

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