Teenage cockroaches

Teenage cockroaches

Can anyone enlighten me or should I call them?

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  1. As long as they are not Teenage Ninja Mutant Cockroaches, I guess a firm hand and some patience should see you through the next few years until you can pack them off to college.

    If not, I’d suggest finding out if the $1500 include room and board or are only tuition, but it’s not that expensive for a boarding school either way.

  2. Teenager cockroaches… I have always heard the phrase, but am not 100% sure what they mean. I have always assumed it to be the young ones that appear after a spraying which killed out the parent population but which had worn off before the eggs left behind hatched, but who knows…. I say you should call them so you can enlighten me.

  3. So I called them.

    Me: What exactly are teenage cockroaches?
    She: They’re the not very big ones.
    Me: … uh-huh. Less than an inch in length?
    She: Ahm maybe … they’re the ones that come out after you switch the light out in the kitchen and then you see them scurrying around when you put the light back on. They just like to come out in the dark and eat your food.
    Me: Is that why they’re called “teenagers”?
    She: Ahm … I don’t really know.
    Me: Oh.

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