Mmm … Easter

To Valzani'sEaster eating in Jamaica is not very exciting. The traditional Jamaican speciality of bun and cheese pales in comparison with the orgies of chocolate we’ve known elsewhere.

In Rome, one of our favourite shops was Valzani’s pasticceria (confectioner’s), which alone justified a walk over the river (Trastevere). The street and the shop itself were very unprepossessing, but once inside there was no denying you were somewhere special. Their handmade chocolates were laid out like exquisite gems and included a wicked chili-flavoured truffle. We usually limited ourselves to their perfect meringues – crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle. (‘Scuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.)

At Easter, they made a giant chocolate Easter egg, so big that Signor Valzani had to stand on a stool to decorate it while we stared agog.

On the walls hung faded photos of Valzani’s previous works of art, including a model of ancient Rome sculpted out of sugar.

This is a photo of one of Valzani’s giant Easter eggs, circa 1974, judging by the hair style.

Mmmm ... Easter

3 thoughts on “Mmm … Easter”

  1. Trastevere… Tevere is the main river, le Tibre in French, yes?

    Is that preffix just an indication that you crossed it, or is the Trastevere a tributary of the Tevere?

  2. Thanks RI. I’ll do my best ;-)

    Yes, Mathieu. Tevere is Tiber/Tibre in Italian. Trastevere literally means ‘across the Tiber’ and refers to the district on the other side. It used to be a working class neighbourhood but has become very gentrified (like parts of east London/Paris). It’s also a very popular place with tourists because of the hundreds of restaurants.

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