Precious Sithole

One of the many soaps on Jamaican television is Generations, produced in South Africa. It’s a welcome alternative to the images of blonde American perms and other fashion abominations.

Generations-subtitles-2Since its introduction shortly after the end of apartheid, it has remained South Africa’s most popular television programme. Initial viewing is a little strange when actors slip an indigenous expression in the middle of English dialogue, but you soon get used to nodding to the subtitles.

Generations - eye rollingMore unnerving is the wicked woman’s habit of rolling her eyeballs all the way back.

Of course, my biggest enjoyment is reading the credits. Call me puerile, but I think Precious Sithole is a great name (even though I know how it should be pronounced).

Generations credits

Percy Pretorius is pretty good too.

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  1. I think Precious her self is Great as a person – used to work with her last year on Jozi H and she’s just a darling, very hardworking and helpful as well.

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