In between picking up the kids from swimming lessons after school and frying fish for dinner, I had a 45 minute window of opportunity to upgrade this blog from WordPress version 1.5 to 2.0.2.

Step 1: Backup your database – check!

Step 2: Rinse swimming costumes and hang up wet towels – check!

Step 3: Backup all your WordPress files – check!

Step 4: Season the fish and heat 2 tbsps of olive oil – check!

Steps 5-13: Deactivate all your plugins, download and extract the WordPress package, blah blah update Permalinks and .htaccess blah … – check!

That’s it!

w00t! It works!

(Now where’s that burning smell coming from?)

2 thoughts on “Juggling”

  1. Quite impressive and much admired ~ Happy Mother’s Day on the 14th. I can only imagine the work involved, especially with the recent move to Jamaica. Thanks for making time to write a great blog.

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