Shopping for hurricanes

Hurricane season is fast approaching and the signs do not augur well. Everyone has become a seasoned climatologist, foreseeing upcoming catastrophe in each new hot, dry day. This is how it was before Ivan, they tell me, even before Gilbert. And after the predictions come the heroic battle stories of surviving previous hurricanes – days, weeks, months without electricity or water, hours spent each day trogging up the hills to fetch water. It would quickly deterioriate into a shaggy dog story of onedownmanship, à la Four Yorkshiremen, except that the storytellers usually drift into vacant smiles as if fondly reminiscing the good old days.

So, what is to be done?

We arrived in Jamaica at the end of the hurricane season last year, although we immediately got a good taste of what it could be like (Read more …).

Prada portable generatorNow, though, we’re on our own and will have to fend for ourselves when the lights go out for longer than the “normal” outages. On trips to Mega Mart, I’ve been drawn to getting our own generator. I think it’s the rugged independence that appeals to me. They’re also surprisingly sexy, with funky colours and moulded contours. But still, they’re not cheap. Wadaya reckon?

And apart from a generator, what else should we stock up on?

3 thoughts on “Shopping for hurricanes”

  1. Get the generator, but remember that you have to run it sparingly, because the gas prices will send you to the poorhouse.
    Get lots of canned food, candles, matches. Check out hurricane shutters or plywood which can be precut to the size of the windows in your house. Buy some gasolene containers, water containers. Maybe others will give you more info. I am sure there must be sites up which give you good tips on what to get. Oh, get a couple fly swatters and mosquito destroyer.

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