Googly nubs

Just a quickie … too much work, too many deadlines. So it’s over to you, dear visitor.

Item 1
Imported corn from the USA

Imported corn

Item 2
Local corn from Jamaica

local corn


6 thoughts on “Googly nubs”

  1. Coupla things come to mind:

    (1) boy – the indiscipline extend even into de fruits of the land.
    (2) plumpier, more friendly and laid back kinda fruit
    (3) our’n more real; their’n mostly artificial hormones n’ stuff
    (4) mebbe the local one isn’t finished growing?

    *scratches chin*

  2. “now she mekkin’ it look like we doan ‘ave corn wah look like the imported one
    is tru we no fool fool and dash weh good good food.”

    Basically I’m sayin’ that that particular local corn must be the most irregular one to be found. We got nice corn with the grains all laid out in a straight line too. That being said, it’s still perfectly good corn, when it gets in the stomach it doesn’t matter the order they were in on the pod … know what I mean?

  3. RI – who says the local one is uglier? It has better colour and fatter, juicier nubs (niblets?)

    Fyr – (1) great comment; (2) & (3) agree; (4) it was ripe and ready to eat.

    Vishnik – it’s interesting that you assume the comparison is a bad reflection of the local, Jamaican corn. If anything, my view was the contrary – that the local corn was more attractive because it was more natural (natural colour, tones and irregularities) and the imported corn was an insipid and artificial attempt at improvement. By the way, I had to bring up the colour and contrast of the imported corn in Photoshop in order to make the comparison fairer.

    As you say, the straight, identical nubs may look better (although I don’t think so), but they may not taste better (they didn’t).

  4. The imported one looks so…. regimented. It’s like it’s been chivvied into submission and it’s one aim in life is to be as bland and conformist as possible. Sad.

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