Come together

A short while ago, a friend told me a story of how they’d been driving back home along the north coast of Jamaica at around 10pm when a tree suddenly fell across the road, crashing onto oncoming traffic. The woman whose car had been struck was herself unharmed, although her car was a write-off. And then there was still the huge tree blocking the road.

In another country, motorists would probably have waited for emergency or specialized services to help them and to fix the problem – not here in Jamaica. In a wonderful example of self-help and solidarity, the stranded motorists ran back to their cars, whipped out the obligatory machete and began chopping at the tree. “In ten minutes the tree was gone!” chuckled my friend, exhibiting another great Jamaican characteristic – exaggeration!

In the slideshow below is another example of helping each other out of a fix, this time on the narrow winding road that runs through Bog Gorge in central Jamaica. There had just been a heavy downpour and large parts of the road were flooded. This meant having to weave from side to side of the road, keeping a careful eye on oncoming traffic. The subject of the slideshow wove a little too widely, swerved to avoid another car and shot off the road and down the riverbank.

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