Chinglish crassics

As an editor, it was all I could do to stop myself from leaping out and attacking this car in front of me with my red pen.

RAV4 gibberish

To calm myself down, I thought I’d do some breathing exercises when I got home. But I hadn’t counted on the instruction leaflet that came with the yoga mat:

Train the abdorminal muscle!

  1. Sit down the floor, two knee hows arose. stretched before the dual taltivs.
  2. Finger and health to behind, prop up two hands, it is right stretch knee, the left knee bovo arises.
  3. Lifting the lower jaw and suching the bodying upwards with the strength, the back becomes circular, Conscious breath, fall down.


  1. This product special-purpose cushion of sports, please don’t move and make it to use.
  2. At time of sports, please pay attention to being excessive, prevent the allident.
  3. Can’t carry on too fierce sports, otherwise increase burden for the body. When have not suited yet, must mot adpot the reluctant posture, want progessive sports.
  4. Plase note this product may fade, so can’t struggle or keep in touch with the moist clothes.

I saved the best till last …

  1. In Yoga or movement,breath in first before movement, feel elated and exalted after moverment.
  2. Use nose to breath in, at the time of breathig, the body should heave.
  3. When the belly button presses close to and carries the bone,feel elated and exculant from the mouth, don’t finish vomitting quickly also vomitting slowly.

ROFL … Agh!

I think I’ve pulled a muscle!

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  1. This reminds of a not so beautiful very plastic Christmas tree, made in Hong Kong, we bought during our South African days. It said on the box: If the tree wrinkles you iron them.
    I also know a blog where under the heading Categories The Netherlands is spelled as The nether lands.
    Shame on you!

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