Word spread fast that the tanker drivers had gone on strike and soon lines of thirsty robot taxis and Toyota behemoths were snaking around the petrol stations, or at least around those that hadn’t already run out of supplies. I joined the lines and crawled forward, chillin’ in the A/C and with some vintage “Don” Lee Perry on.

“Fill ‘er up till it runneth over,” I told the dread at the pump.
“How long do you reckon they’ll be on strike?” I asked, squinting back at the evergrowing queue behind me and feeling pretty smug.
“Oh, they’re already back at work,” he replied. “We just had a delivery.”

Huh! And he’s not going to tell anyone till they ask, till they’ve waited half an hour in the hot hot sun. Hmmm … perhaps it’s a conspiracy between the tanker drivers and the petrol companies. These days I see conspiracy everywhere.

Meanwhile in parliament yesterday … (actually two days ago, because there was another power outage yesterday when I started this, and I wasn’t in the mood to finish it by the time the lights came back on.)

The Observer front page had an excellent photo by Michael Gordon of Prime Minister Simpson Miller doodling during the no-confidence vote against her government.

Portia doodles while parliament debates

Does this doodle tell us anything about the doodler? According to the National Doodle Day web site,

A triangle almost always indicates ambition and energy with some sexual aggression involved. The author will go to many lengths to get what they go after. While it implies a constructive and perceptive nature there may be some destructive element involved. The author handles others well as a rule but he or she really is quite selfish at heart. The upward pointing triangle suggests the author is rather pushy while a downward pointing triangle implies defensiveness.

What about the doodle of the man? It could be opposition leader, Bruce Golding, without his glasses, although he doesn’t have such an obvious widow’s peak. suggests that the open mouth describes someone who is,

Talkative, loves the sound of his own voice.

Although it is unclear in this case whether this refers to the doodler or the doodled.

Moving on … the last two objects, in the top left, could be a wine glass and a … thermos coffee mug? Both have bases too narrow to support them. Now maybe there is the clearest political metaphor on the page.

On that day, however, the PM’s parliamentary majority was enough to defeat the motion of no-confidence. Perhaps the government’s cunning tactic of saying and doing absolutely nothing to counter the Trafigura scandal will pay off: Sit shtum until the mob gets bored or (even more) disillusioned.

It’s not what I call leadership, but it seems to be working.

5 thoughts on “Doodlin’”

  1. I saw the lines at the gas station when i was driving by. I had just put in a $1000 gas in my tank earlier in the morning, totally oblivious to the impending tanker strike. Good thing I did!

    Re sista p doodling, just goes to show the confidence they had where the no confidence vote is concerned!

  2. Strangely enough, all petrol strikes have found me with half or near half full tanks of gas and the conviction that whenever and wherever the gas done, if there is no more to be had, I parking the car and walking home and there staying until the nonsense is over. Luckily for me, never had to do that. :D

  3. Wow! This is a really unique and insightful piece of news that one wouldn’t get in most other places with more regulated press access (USA). But now JA is going that way too. Thanks for keeping us in the know Stet. -Fuzz

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