Statutory rape ha-ha

17-year-old sentenced to 3 years probation
for carnal abuse

Judge tells him to skip Biology lessons for a while

Paul Henry

Justice Lloyd Hibbert made the comment after Attorney-at-Law Jean Barnes informed him that her client – a former Calabar High School student – was furthering his studies.
As Barnes mentioned the subjects her client was pursuing at his new school, the judge interrupted when she listed Biology among them.

“Biology?” Hibbert asked.
Hibbert then told the youth to drop Biology for a while as he had already “done the practical before the theory”.

Source: Jamaica Observer

What a joker, M’lud!

From the article it seems clear that the sex was consensual; therefore the charge of statutory rape (the equivalent of Jamaica’s antiquated “carnal abuse” charge) would be applied in its mildest form. In addition, the accused was also a minor.

Nevertheless, the defence lawyer’s final argument was hard to believe:

Barnes told the court that the 13-year-old was introduced to her client by a mutual friend, and that the girl had expressed a desire to have sex with him.

Barnes added that adults find it difficult to control their sexual urges, much more a “boy his age” – and that under the circumstances, it was difficult for her client to refuse having sex with the 13-year-old.

Difficult to refuse?!

Let’s see where this line of defence leads, shall we?

My client robbed the bank because it was difficult to resist all the money sitting in there.

My client murdered her husband because he was difficult to live with (gruesome example).

My client … add your own suggestion for a brilliant defence.

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