Photo gallery

I’ve added a test gallery of some of my photos, with a discreet link in the sidebar.

In case it’s too discreet, here’s the link.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Photo gallery”

  1. I think I like the sunshine through the woods shot best.
    Very nice looking gallery thingy, although a bit on slow from here in Lancashire, England (maybe it’s something to do with being so far away) and the pictures need to be larger to show them off to best effect.

    In summary: Full marks for photography. Gallery looks good but could perform better.

    Incidentally, somebody at work recently wrote something down, crossed it out, then wrote “stet” next to it. I saw it and thought of you.

  2. Very nice pictures.
    You are as talented a photographer as a writer.
    However you are in need of a really good camera.
    Why don’t you approach Father Christmas? Say the magic words (I mean I really need one and not pretty please).
    Hint: both Nikon and Canon make very nice ones for a $1000 or so and don’t forget to ask for a nice flash as well.

  3. Mr B here! Plk, I was thinking of something my father was telling me the other day. About “serious” hobbies and how he had bought camera equipment such a long time ago when things were scarce. I agree Ria, ask Santa and don’t be shy.

  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    Ivo & Tim: I’ve re-done the photos to load faster and bigger, although you might not tell if your connection is as bad as mine is today.

    plk: thanks for the compliments. I’ve put in my request with both Santa and Mr B.

    Mad Bull: The gallery generator is a great little feature in PhotoShop CS.

  5. You have a great eye for photography (and writing but goes without saying). Classy, modern site you’ve created — keeps the focus on the photography.

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