Saved by sewage

Yesterday I passed the Shell petrol station at Manor Park a few hours after it had been damaged by fire. There was a burnt out truck by the pumps and the area was cordoned off with a yellow tape, marked

Police crime scene Do not cross Police crime scene Do not cross

I imagined some kind of holdup gone wrong, but the real story was much more bizarre …

At about 9:00 a.m., a pump at the Shell service station at 211 Constant Spring Road exploded into flames setting off chaos. “After mi start to pump di gas inna a container like mi usually do, mi only si di flame a come out a did pump, mi scream an run,” remarked David Levy, a customer.

He continued that what happened next left him in awe as workers on a cesspool truck set about spraying the flames that engulfed the pump, a pickup truck and the surroundings with raw sewage.
(source: Jamaica Gleaner)


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  1. Yeah, I heard it was smelly, but by the time I was going home they had done a good job in cleaning it up

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