View from the hills

If you are patient enough for the panorama to load (1.42MB; need free Quicktime player?), you’ll see a view from the northern foothills looking south towards Kingston harbour. You can move the panorama using the controls indicated in the bar at the bottom, or just click and drag the image around. You may also notice in the bottom bar the names of some landmarks and districts that I highlighted with “hotspots”.

[QUICKTIME 480 360]

11 thoughts on “View from the hills”

  1. Thanks for this one. Long time I haven’t seen my old stamping grounds. Hey, how exectly do you do this? Get the panorama picture, I mean? Email me and tell me or give URLS to instructions nuh?

  2. MB: I snapped off 13 shots on manual setting, tweaked them in Photoshop, then stitched them and added the hotspots in Realviz’s “Stitcher”. The result was so huge (80,000+ pixels wide!) that Stitcher crashed when I tried to convert it to a Quicktime movie. So I selected only six pictures, reduced the resolution and restitched them.

    My ambition is to do 360° panos, but for that I would have to have a tripod, which, given these straitened times, will be stuck in my wishlist for the foreseeable future.


    Comments appreciated.


  3. I was on Sunset Avenue, heading down. If you want to see the spot on Google Earth, the coordinates are
    18°02’52.58″ N 76° 46’10.76″ W

    … approximately ;-D

    A GPS is another thing on my wishlist.

  4. I used to live at this place. 17 mountain spring drive…Iused to see this everyday growing up
    Ian McKenzie

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