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The hiatus since my last post was not (only) due to my lack of time or inspiration, but because Cable & Wireless, owners of the DSL line that I use, cut me off for five days. I had forgotten to pay my phone bill, and ten days later, the line was suspended. I immediately paid the outstanding amount and the phone line was back on within seconds. Not so the DSL. It took five days of patient and persistent complaining to C&W Customer Service (an oxymoron) before the line was back in synch. I had to explain the situation over a dozen times, and each time the response was inadequate.

What is the problem with the line?
It *should* be working.

When will it be fixed?
You are in a queue and will be dealt with in due course.

How many other cases are in the queue and how long will it take before I am dealt with?
Within 24 hours/within five days/between five and ten working days …

WHAT THE …?! (as my six-year-old says)

It’s back up now, so I guess I should just be grateful, right? No way! By the power of Google ranking and Technorati tags I shall have my revenge! Muahahahaha! Oh yeah, and don’t think this is the first time.

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5 thoughts on “Cable & Wireless Jamaica”

  1. Cable and wireless is really the worst company ever i applied for a telephone line about a year ago and until now i haven’t received it every time i call they tell u something different.

  2. Before hurricane Dean I lost phone service & ADSL. It took four months of non-stop calling (from work) I heard countless different stories as to what was wrong with the line in my area called the OUR (another waste of time) and still had to pay a monthly phone bill or would be disconnected according to CWJ. Nearly $10,000.00 of pretend phone bills I got back the service and the first call was from CWJ to tell me that my next phone bill was due, Now thats what I call service.
    P.S. a month later it went down again and I am still waiting, nor have I received my refund…they are looking in to it. Gotta love them as they do it with style!

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